Our approach to our work is based on the premise that by structured training, coaching and assessment around carefully selected best practices we can assist organisations and individuals to significantly improve their performance.

Our seven core principals have been in place since our inception:


Getting all key stakeholders on board and fully supportive of any new program is crucial to the success of the project. Having a collective force behind each intervention, ensures an eco-system that works together to build mutual support and joint value for all.

Demand Drivenresults-driven-methodology_icons_demand-driven

Our program should result in driving demand for further targeted services and support. The intention is to move away from externally driven ‘push       models’ to a ‘demand driven’ culture where participants are empowered to assess what they require to solve problems, and where they can access the necessary support

results-driven-methodology_icons_applied-skill-developmentApplied skill development

Our applied programs aim at rapid behavioural change within a short time frame. They are highly targeted in terms of the behaviours that they seeks to change. These are determined through ongoing research and study into what practices have the most impact on institutional performance.

results-driven-methodology_icons_measureable-resultsMeasurable results

Our success is measured primarily on the basis of whether participants are able to demonstrably improve the performance of their institutions. This performance is considered in terms of the core business of the institution. Key skills and competencies are also tracked and measured throughout the course of our programs.

Cost effective & Sustainableresults-driven-methodology_icons_cost-effective-and-sustainable

With limited resources to meet major developmental challenges, we focus on areas of ‘strategic leverage’ where maximum impact can be achieved. We train and coach around specific outcomes which will build institutional sustainability at the level of management practices and systems.  This enables external support to be progressively reduced over time.

results-driven-methodology_icons_sound-program-and-risk-managementSound Program and Risk Management

We are ISO accredited and apply these standards to all programs. Our project management is underpinned by a range of cloud based data systems and reporting platforms – these can be customized to the requirements of our clients. Risk management tools and processes are routinely applied.


We are fully attuned to the rapidly changing world of technology and are committed to constantly integrating new technologies and innovation into our various programs. These include management information systems, eLearning, online coaching, the use of social media and self-driven online assessments.