Company Profile

Performance Solutions Africa (PSA) specialises in performance improvement through people. Our core competency is delivering improved results through the training and coaching of leaders and managers in structured best practice programs.

PSA was founded as a black empowerment company in 1996 in the wake of South Africa’s transition to democracy. Our core mission is to make an impact on the economic and social landscape of our country. In pursuit thereof we are committed to the highest levels of social and ethical responsibility.

We are inspired and guided in our thinking by the National Development Plan for South Africa.

PSA’s early work involved building dialogue and engagement between stakeholders in industrial and social environments. This transitioned to supporting private and public organisations to collaborate on large scale performance improvement programs. This work laid the basis for the development of a unique learning, development and improvement methodology.

PSA’s current primary focus is school management in the education sector.  We have been involved at over 2000 schools across four provinces since 2009. Our now widely adopted training-coaching model has consistently demonstrated improved learner outcomes well above provincial averages.

PSA has a proud history of collaborating with a very wide range of key initiatives and organisations including the NECT, PILO, PwC, UKZN, Penreach, Class Act, Count, CASME, ELET and MIET.