This programme involves school principals, deputy principals, HODs, teachers, learners as well as circuit managers and subject advisors.

It is typically implemented over 36 months.

Modules for principals, deputy principals and HODs are trained on a residential or day basis. The module for pupils is highly experiential and always trained on a residential basis. SGB, circuit manager and subject advisor modules are trained on a day basis. Each module is followed by coaching and assessment.

Start of term workshops involve HODs and subject advisors who are provided with curriculum support tools and materials.

Teachers are provided with teaching support in critical areas during the course of each term.

Baselines assessments of management, teaching and DoE district support practices are undertaken at the outset of the programme and monitored throughout.

Core KPIs include curriculum coverage and teacher and learner absenteeism.


School Planning Principals + DPs
Staff Management Principals + DPs
Curriculum Management Principals + DPs
Leadership Principals + DPs
Governance and SGB Principals + DPs
Financial and Resource Management Principals + DPs
Curriculum Coverage HODs
Teacher Development HODs
Results Diagnostics and Corrective Action HODs
Parents and Community SGB
Learner Values RCL Reps
School Performance Measurement CMs + SAs
School Support Planning CMs + SAs
Customer Service CMs + SAs
Issue Resolution CMs + SAs
Interpersonal Skills CMs + SAs
SA and CM Teamwork CMs + SAs


The District Development Programme is currently at over 100 schools in the Bohlabela District in Mpumalanga and the Bojanala District the North West Province.

The initial phases of these programmes have been completed and the rollout is now underway.

Initial indications are that the programme is having a major impact on teaching morale and pedagogy in the classroom (Home Language, EFAL, Maths and Science). SMTs curriculum and absenteeism management practices have improved significantly.

Participant support for the project has been excellent.