PMDP School Management


This programme involves school principals, deputy principals, HODs selected subject/ grades as well as circuit managers.

It is certified as a short course by the University of KZN and it carries SACE Professional Development Points.

It is typically implemented over 18 months starting in July.

One module is trained every 1.5 months on a residential or day basis. Each module is followed by coaching and assessment.

Baselines assessments of current practices are undertaken at the outset of the programme and monitored throughout.

Tool provided include curriculum and absenteeism trackers.

Core KPIs include curriculum coverage and teacher and learner absenteeism.

Successful participants receive certificates from the University of KZN who moderate the participants’ Portfolio of Evidence.


School Planning Principals + DPs
Staff Management Principals + DPs
Curriculum Management Principals + DPs
Leadership Principals + DPs
Governance and SGB Principals + DPs
Financial and Resource Management Principals + DPs
Curriculum Coverage HODs
Teacher Development HODs
Results Diagnostics and Corrective Action 1 HODs


The PMDP has been run at over 2000 schools in KZN, EC and Mpumalanga.

It has demonstrated performance improvement outcome improvements of 7% year on year improvements in NSC results over non-participating schools in each province.

The PMDP has been independently reviewed on three occasions –

Helene Perold and Associates in 2010

“The PMDP has demonstrated that it combines strategic vision with operational efficacy and has successfully engaged in some of the most difficult and intractable contexts of poverty and underdevelopment with surprising results. The PMDP has thus succeeded in overcoming barriers to the training of principals that many other programmes could not solve and is able to deliver its programme at a scale none of the others have managed to reach…”

UKZN research – 2010

A Study conducted by the University of KZN indicated that 97% of participants in the PMDP consider that the programme and its coaching component have made significant impact to curriculum implementation.

87% indicated that the programme had had a major impact on management practices.

Professor James Styles – University of the Witwatersrand 2015

“The practical hand-on approach of PMDP quickly convinced them that PMDP had more relevance for their day-to-day work. Participants referred to the program as very “well organized”, “clear” and “professional”. They valued the focus on the work products and transferability of what they learned in the College Sessions. The focus on the practical aspects of managing a school was echoed by the Circuit Managers.”