Our organisational excellence work is undertaken both with large organisations inside and beyond South Africa as well as with SMMEs.

In the case of larger organisation we provide a range of tools to assist managers to be able to support best practice implementation. A key focus is the HR function and we provide a system to assess, monitor and implement people management best practices.

In the case of SMMEs we run a modular programme (MASBUWO) specifically designed for newly emerging SMME owners. The programme is run over 12 months with each module being followed by coaching and assessment.


1. Working with Customers
2. Mapping your business
3. measuring your business performance
4. Establishing orginisational Structures
5. Forecasting Cashflows
6. Managing Working Capital
7. Assessing Assets & Liabilities
8. Managing people performance
9. Getting Problems Solved
10. Addressing Risk & Compliance


Our most recent project involved partnering with other service providers to provide support to SAB plants in Zimbabwe.

This project has focused on implementing operations best practices which has involved training from senior management through to the shop floor as well as regular on-site support. Certain sites have now developed the internal capability to drive their own journey to world class and these only require external assessments from time.