PSA moves to Level 2 BBEEE and appoints new Board Chair (Nov 2021)

After operating for a number of years as a level 4 BBBEE organization, Performance Solutions Africa has now moved to a Level 2 BBBEEE after investment into the company by Durban based businessperson Mr Paulos Ngcobo.

Mr Ngcobo, who chairs a number of Boards including the Dube Trade Port and OTH Beier, will also head up the PSA Board which is in the process of being expanded.

“I really do see education as the future for our country and I am very happy to be able to give some of my time to an organization like PSA which has been involved in supporting improvements in education for over 10 years. I would also like to bring some focus to small business development which is another critically important area for our country.” said Mr Ngcobo.

Mr Ngcobo will take up his position as PSA Director and Board Chair with immediate effect.